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Wednesday, 07 January 2015 00:00

Intermec RFID technology reduces U.S. Navy inventory time from 24 hours to less than thirty minutes.

Written by  Honeywell Scanning & Mobility
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The magnificent flying machines deployed by the United States Navy are technological wonders. While the planes and their pilots may be the stars f the show, deploying a Naval aviation squadron usually requires a skilled crew and a pack-up kit, or PUK, containing hundreds of replacement parts worth $10 million or more.


The U.S. Navy Regional Supply Office in Norfolk, Va. provides logistical support for the aircraft squadrons stationed at Naval Air Station Norfolk. Aircraft types based at NAS Norfolk include E-2C, C-2, MH-53, H-46, SH-3 and MH-60. When a squadron is deployed, a PUK of several pallets and five-by-five-by-five foot cartons of supplies, known as tri-walls, are sent along with it, traveling from the regional supply office command to the supply command assigned to the squadron. A typical E2C PUK contains 500-600 parts.

More:  http://dcm.irondata.com/IntermecCaseStudyUSNavy.pdf

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